Monday, 29 February 2016

Ads Removed from Right Half Side of Google SERP

Ads Removed from Right Half Side of Google SERP

Google has been known for their changing entertainment, Like their Logo, their Google Doodles, however real changes to the real web index results page (SERP) happen far less regularly. That is the reason their late choice to expel Paid Promotions from the right-hand side of their desktop SERPs is making huge news. Google's Removed Right-Side Ads,it will affect organic results.

What precisely did they change? By missing Ad promotions from the right half of the Search result pages, they've minimized the greatest measure of advertisements you can see from eleven the distance down to seven. This implies less snaps for people who promote on these pages who aren't in one of the main three or four paid positions - and a potential effect on natural/organic activity for competition.


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